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Clima TESCON PROFIL - Angle Tape

Pro Clima TESCON PROFIL - 10121
Pro Clima TESCON PROFIL - 10121
Pro Clima TESCON PROFIL - 10121
Pro Clima TESCON PROFIL - 10121
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Inside for connections of windows and doors on vapor retarders, air sealing sheet and wood derivative panels
as well as for outside connections of roof parts to onderdak- and sealing films for cladding and
MDF boards.

Three separate deductible deduction foil strips; very stretchable, fits well and can be permanently deformable (no reset time).


Corner connections of vapor brakes, luchtdchtingsbanen and other films, for example, in windows and doors, and all the other corner joints on materials to which the adhesive tape bonding (for example, inside corners in timber derivative plates which serve as air-tight layer). The tape can be used indoors and outdoors.

Suitable substrates:

Durable bonding is achieved on all pro clima films for indoor and outdoor use, PE, PA, PP, aluminum foils used for air tightness. Bondings and connections are possible on planed and painted wood, hard plastic, metal (eg. Pipes, windows etc.), hard wood derivative boards (chipboard, OSB, MDF and wood fiber underroof sheets) and flat mineral surfaces (fast bricks, concrete, plaster). When bonding on soft wood fiber boards and mineral surfaces should be treated the surface with ELASTO PRIMER RP or AC.

Before being swept to the bonding surfaces must be cleaned with a brush or with a cloth. Bonding to frozen surfaces is not possible. There is no adhesive-repellent substances on the materials to be bonded may be present (e.g. fats or silicone). Materials must have sufficient capacity.


Waterproof solid glue, no shear in mechanical stress on the tape
About Plaster Bare non-woven backing on the basis of PP
Very smooth and slightly elastic
Very high heat stability
3 Months weatherproof

Technical specifications

Non-woven carrier on the basis of PP, ovepleisterbaar
3 strips of masking siliconized PE film approximately 12/23 / 25mm
Temperature range -40 ° C to + 90 ° C
Working temperature From -10 ° C
Dark Blue
Baar expose to weather three months
Storage Cool and dry

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