Airtight construction

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Airtight construction requires no major investment or effort. What it does require is some attention at the beginning of the work so that everyone involved in the construction process, know what affects the airtightness.

In a traditional building, the plaster is actually the airtightness layer of the house. An important consideration here is that the best layer is interrupted as little as possible. Usually the plaster stopped behind a flush toilet or a bathtub that leak entails. The masonry is in fact only windproof, not airtight.

This is obviously not the only one. Other issues are the connections of the roof on the exterior walls and the connections of the windows and doors in the outer walls. For this purpose, there are special tapes that it be applied in the plaster and thus complete the low air density.

The E level can easily be 10 points lower in an air-tight envelope. The EPB legislation default assumed a pretty bad situation. Usually scored to take a home without special measures already Stukker better than the default value.

Airtightness of properties: Important for ventilation!

is a good airtightness of your home is of great importance for the proper operation of the balanced ventilation system. Leaks ensure Indeed uncontrolled ventilation and an imbalance in the system. This can cause, inter alia, condensation problems. Moreover, it is important for a good functioning of the inserted insulation shell. Poor insulation placed with crevices and cracks between loses all of its rapid operation. Hence attention to good air permeability is so important. Airtightness is an aspect that has to be taken into account from the design of the home. Problems can often be difficult to resolve later.


Air tightness:

  •     to avoid draft 
  •     to reduce heat loss
  •     to prevent structural damage
  •     to avoid the winter dry indoor
  •     For proper operation of the ventilation system
  •     to keep dust and pollen out
  •     heat breakdown in summer
  •     for optimum sound insulation
  •     for the sake of fire safety.

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