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The best air in your home, day after day

On average, we spend 70% of our lives between four walls. In today's perfectly insulated buildings, ventilation systems are therefore indispensable. They ensure the supply of fresh air and the removal of polluted air. Moreover, they limit energy loss - quite the contrary, in fact: they recover up to 95% of the heat. Discover our wide range of filters and valves to keep your ventilation in top condition.


Airtight building

Important for ventilation systems

A ventilation system only works efficiently in an airtight home. This is because leaks cause uncontrolled ventilation and unbalance the system. This potentially causes condensation problems and heat losses, among other things. Airtightness is crucial. Fortunately, at Ecosense you will find all the products you need to get started yourself.



Free and easy to collect

Rainwater is ideal for flushing the toilet or watering the grass, for example. It is not drinkable, but it is free and easy to collect in tanks. There, special rainwater filters purify the contents to avoid unpleasant odours and colours. Discover our wide range of rainwater filters and make your choice. .