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Did you know ... we spend on average 70% of our time between four walls? The vast majority of our life takes place inside so away. Therefore it is important that we keep living environment as healthy as possible. This can be done by good ventilation.

Ventilation ensures that we get healthy air in our home. The window here to open indeed refreshes but has a short effect. Once the window is closed, the fresh, healthy air disappeared quickly. Therefore it is important to ventilate constant.

Because of good and controlled ventilation is thermal insulation by the prescribed air-tight envelope really appropriate, and it provides a positive return on it.

With up to 95% heat recovery and utilization of renewable energy can save you money. The energy efficiency of the building rises considerably. We lose energy on the one hand by the outer surfaces (walls, roof, floor) and on the other hand by means of ventilation through windows and doors.

The heat loss through ventilation is also a well-insulated building accounts for about half of the heating costs.

These heat losses can be greatly reduced by using a good ventilation system with heat recovery. Depending on the type of building that produces energy savings of 30 to 50%.

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