MVHR filters

Active filters

Ventilation systems are provided with filters on the extraction side and the pulsiezijde. Filters in a ventilation system have two functions, protecting the installation and purify of the incoming air. Therefore, they should be regularly inspected, cleaned and replaced.

A clogged filter can cause:

  •     Insufficient ventilation.
  •     Excessive speed of the fan and consequently higher consumption.
  •     High sound levels.

A damaged filter allows unfiltered air into the exchanger.

Check, clean and replace filters regularly why!

Replace filters:

Replacing the filter kit ensures it stays clean and lasts longer. About the replacement frequency and type of filter can be found in the manual of the device.

Usually, filters of the type G4 (coarse) or F7 (fine) were used. With a G4 filter, the dust and sand is removed from the air, with a filter-F7 is also removed particulate matter including pollen (pollen filter), interesting allergies.

Suffer from allergies? Then a F7 pollen filter can bring improvement.

These are available for most devices.

-5% from 3 sets


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!!! The filter images can differ from the original !!! Compare the size of the security.

In this category you can find an assortment of filters for the most common makes and models.

Zehnder, Lemmens, Vasco, Ventilair, Orcon, Ubbink, Brink, Ithe Daalderop, Venitline, Vent-Axia, Clima Industries, Strok Air Pal, Comair, Systemair, ...

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